We will be adding more information soon on this awesome Arched Cabin tiny house build!  Arched Cabins was invited to display a tiny house and speak at an event for Earth Day in Houston. We have built small but comfortable Arched Cabins before, but this was a whole new challenge for us! For a few different reasons we chose our 12' wide Arched Cabin and built it 8' long. The picture to the side here shows the interior under construction. Working with only 96 square feet, we fit a shower, toilet, sleeping loft, kitchen, dining area, and an entertainment area in! We are planning to have it completely finished in the coming weeks with detailed pictures for your viewing pleasure! For the article covering the event click here!

We would like to welcome our new Arched Cabins Distributors to the Arched Cabin family. We now have Steve Hess and Mark Maher in Montana and surrounding areas, Donald Twichell in Nevada and Northern California, and Jacqueline Neumann in Utah and surrounding areas. If you live in these areas and need more info please contact the Arched Cabins distributor in your area!
Founder and President of Arched Cabins, David Cruey, is a featured speaker at the City of Houston's Earth Day Education Seminar on April 22nd! The City of Houston, in partnership with the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of the US Green Building Council, are hosting a "show and tell" seminar at the Green Building Resource Center located at 1002 Washington Ave, Houston TX, 77002. We're thrilled to be speaking as part of the Tiny Houses in Houston portion of the seminar between 6pm - 8pm. We'd love to see you there to show you around a model Arched Cabin and answer your questions in-person!

The seminar is free to the public and the hosts have asked those interested in hearing us and other featured speakers to RSVP prior to the event. We've added additional resources below!

Register online or call 832-394-9050 prior to the event!