Woah, can you believe it's 9 more sleeps until Santa visits to fill our stockings with treats or coal?! We at Arched Cabins HQ thought we'd be slowing down as the holidays draw near, but we're finding that we're as busy as ever and our early 2016 build times are filling up quickly! 

We traveled further in 2015 than ever before building Arched Cabins all over the country, and we've gained a lot more experience with the different weather-related conditions each of you enjoy or love to hate and the terrain differences in this beautiful country. We learned about the blistering summer heat in the Texas Panhandle, the gale-force winds along i10 on our way to Arizona from Texas, and the hard rocky ground in Missouri that would take Thor a week to break through with his hammer. We learned that our Arched Cabins Build Teams are amazing, persevering, and strong both as individuals and as a team, but even they can't build an Arched Cabin in a muddy sinkhole or by carrying all of their equipment to a build site on their backs if there isn't a passable driveway or road to the spot the Arched Cabin needs to be built! So, we've developed some disclaimers to ensure our hard-working Arched Cabins Build Teams are entering safe working conditions when they come to your properties in 2016 to build your Arched Cabin. 

Safe Working Conditions Disclaimer

Our teams have a right to work in a safe working environment free of unnecessary environmental hazards, and may choose to delay a build date due to unsafe or undesirable working conditions. If your build is delayed due to unsafe or undesirable working conditions, our team will reschedule your build for the next available date after the safety hazard(s) are removed from the build site. 

Passable Road/Driveway Disclaimer

Our teams must have access to the build site via a paved or gravel-packed driveway that is impervious to weather conditions (ie. cannot be washed away during heavy rain) and can be accessed by both heavy equipment, a 40 foot long trailer, and both 2x4 and 4x4 vehicles. If our team arrives at a build site and is unable to access it due to an impassable road or driveway, we may choose to delay your build date and will reschedule your build for the next available date after the road or driveway is proven to be passable. 

Please note that all avoidable delays (non-weather related) may be subject to additional fees if our build teams arrive to a build site and are unable to work. 

Our first responsibility is to protect the well-being of the great teams and people we have working with us, and we're dedicated to ensuring the happiness and health of everyone who works with Arched Cabins above all else. Thank you for joining us in this endeavour!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Please note that all spam is monitored and all comments coming from a spam account will be deleted before they are approved to post on our website. Thank you for your understanding. 

Happy Holidays!

The Arched Cabins Team