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We're excited to ring in 2017 with a new Instagram account! Follow us to see the latest and greatest build pictures from our Texas build team and pictures from our headquarters!


Thank you, as always, for your support!

The Arched Cabins Team

<![CDATA[2016 Arched Cabins Update and Thank You]]>Wed, 07 Dec 2016 19:54:33 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/2016-arched-cabins-update-and-thank-youPicture
2016 has been a busy and amazing year for us at Arched Cabins! Our family grew by one when we welcomed a daughter to the Cruey family in February, and our business has flourished and grown more than we expected - particularly in the second half of 2016. We're grateful and thankful for both our family's growth and the business growth!

This summer, Dave and Harmony Cruey retired to their Arched Cabin in the mountains of New Mexico and Josh Cruey picked up running the day-to-day operations at our Arched Cabins headquarters in Cypress. Josh's wife, Sara, returned to running the customer service and sales side of the business in the spring after taking some time off to enjoy being a new mom. 

We've been travelling the country building Arched Cabins this year, and have built Arched Cabins in Texas, Florida, Michigan, California, and New Mexico. We're looking forward to continuing to build Arched Cabins all over the US in 2017!

When you purchase an Arched Cabin you're supporting a family owned and operated business, and we would like to thank each and every one of our clients for supporting us! It means the world to us and we greatly appreciate your business. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from our family to yours. 

Josh and Sara Cruey & the Arched Cabins Team

<![CDATA[Coming Soon to the Mother Earth News Fair in Texas!]]>Fri, 15 Jan 2016 17:33:58 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/coming-soon-to-the-mother-earth-news-fair-in-texasPicture
We're going to be at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton Texas on February 20th and 21st! 

Dave and Joshua Cruey, our co-owners, are going to give live presentations at our booth twice daily on Living Efficiently in a Tiny House, and our team will be there all day to answer questions about our Arched Cabins! 

The fair is located just north of Austin TX in Belton TX and features over 150 presenters on organic gardening, renewable energy, modern homesteading, natural health, and more!

We hope we'll see some of you there! 

Bell County Expo Center
301 W Loop 121
Belton TX, 76513

Saturday February 20th - 9am to 7pm
Sunday February 21st - 9am to 5pm 


<![CDATA[Patent Pending!]]>Sat, 09 Jan 2016 01:38:55 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/patent-pendingPicture
We are thrilled to announce that Arched Cabins now has Patent Pending status on our unique design! We've been working hard through the patent process since Fall 2015 and we hope we'll be granted full patent status in the next year. 

Thanks for all of your support of our small business, we really appreciate it!  

<![CDATA[Working Conditions Necessary for Contract Fulfillment]]>Tue, 15 Dec 2015 21:36:59 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/working-conditions-necessary-for-contract-fulfillmentPicture
Woah, can you believe it's 9 more sleeps until Santa visits to fill our stockings with treats or coal?! We at Arched Cabins HQ thought we'd be slowing down as the holidays draw near, but we're finding that we're as busy as ever and our early 2016 build times are filling up quickly! 

We traveled further in 2015 than ever before building Arched Cabins all over the country, and we've gained a lot more experience with the different weather-related conditions each of you enjoy or love to hate and the terrain differences in this beautiful country. We learned about the blistering summer heat in the Texas Panhandle, the gale-force winds along i10 on our way to Arizona from Texas, and the hard rocky ground in Missouri that would take Thor a week to break through with his hammer. We learned that our Arched Cabins Build Teams are amazing, persevering, and strong both as individuals and as a team, but even they can't build an Arched Cabin in a muddy sinkhole or by carrying all of their equipment to a build site on their backs if there isn't a passable driveway or road to the spot the Arched Cabin needs to be built! So, we've developed some disclaimers to ensure our hard-working Arched Cabins Build Teams are entering safe working conditions when they come to your properties in 2016 to build your Arched Cabin. 

Safe Working Conditions Disclaimer

Our teams have a right to work in a safe working environment free of unnecessary environmental hazards, and may choose to delay a build date due to unsafe or undesirable working conditions. If your build is delayed due to unsafe or undesirable working conditions, our team will reschedule your build for the next available date after the safety hazard(s) are removed from the build site. 

Passable Road/Driveway Disclaimer

Our teams must have access to the build site via a paved or gravel-packed driveway that is impervious to weather conditions (ie. cannot be washed away during heavy rain) and can be accessed by both heavy equipment, a 40 foot long trailer, and both 2x4 and 4x4 vehicles. If our team arrives at a build site and is unable to access it due to an impassable road or driveway, we may choose to delay your build date and will reschedule your build for the next available date after the road or driveway is proven to be passable. 

Please note that all avoidable delays (non-weather related) may be subject to additional fees if our build teams arrive to a build site and are unable to work. 

Our first responsibility is to protect the well-being of the great teams and people we have working with us, and we're dedicated to ensuring the happiness and health of everyone who works with Arched Cabins above all else. Thank you for joining us in this endeavour!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Please note that all spam is monitored and all comments coming from a spam account will be deleted before they are approved to post on our website. Thank you for your understanding. 

Happy Holidays!

The Arched Cabins Team

<![CDATA[Blog Update from Arched Cabins!]]>Tue, 10 Nov 2015 18:15:04 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/blog-update-from-arched-cabinsPicture
Thank you to all of you that have been following our website and our blog from the beginning - we really appreciate your interest and loyalty! 

We've recently made a few changes to how your comments will appear on our blog in an effort to eliminate all of the spam posts that have made it difficult for us to respond to your legitimate questions and comments. All of the comments you leave on our blog posts from this day forward are going to be subject to approval by a website administrator before they are published on our website. The purpose is not only to eliminate all of the spam posts, but also to allow us an opportunity to read your question or comment before we approve the post and give us a chance to respond to it in a timely manner. We hope this change allows us to communicate with you better and brings about positive changes on our website! 

Thank you from the Arched Cabins Team!

<![CDATA[Build In Progress in Southern Missouri]]>Mon, 05 Oct 2015 21:31:33 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/build-in-progress-in-southern-missouriPicture
Our Texas Arched Cabins Build Team is hard at work in rocky Southern Missouri, building a 24x40 and a 16x20 Arched Cabin for a client with a beautiful piece of property surrounded by nature! We've created a new Album in our online Gallery (scroll to the bottom) that we'll be updating as the build progresses, so keep an eye on it for the most up-to-date pictures available! 

PS - The roofing panels are Evergreen, one of 20 colors available!  

<![CDATA[Follow the Rimland Tales Blog!]]>Tue, 01 Sep 2015 21:10:30 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/follow-the-rimland-tales-blogWe recently found out that our Arched Cabin clients in Silver City, New Mexico, are chronicling their Arched Cabin build process (among other things) in a blog called Rimland Tales! In their blog you'll find an honest summary of the Arched Cabins build process completed by one of our distributors, their experiences corresponding with our HQ in Texas, how their interior finishing process is going, and how they like their Arched Cabin so far. 

Client testimonials are important to us, and we hope that by featuring Brian and Chelsea's blog - which is in no way influenced by us - you'll see through their eyes the kind of experience we strive to give all of our clients!


<![CDATA[Website Updates!]]>Mon, 15 Jun 2015 16:27:03 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/website-updatesPicture
Our website has endured some spring cleaning, and we hope you like the results! We have new choices under the Services tab, including an updated Sizes and Prices page with listed pricing for our popular Arched Cabin sizes, we've added more  photos to the Gallery, and we've even changed our color scheme to match our company color (lime green!). The purpose of the changes is to help our clients understand our pricing better by providing more direct pricing for our Arched Cabin kits and labor. We've also updated the Pricing List so any enterprising DIYer can customize their Arched Cabin to their heart's desire using our open pricing structure. We hope you like the changes - let us know what's working for you and what you'd like to see added or changed in the future in the comments! 

<![CDATA[Coverage of Arched Cabins Speaker Dave Cruey at GBRC Earth Day Event]]>Sun, 26 Apr 2015 22:58:12 GMThttp://archedcabins.com/updates/coverage-of-arched-cabins-and-speaker-dave-cruey-at-gbrc-earth-day-eventPicture
We will be adding more information soon on this awesome Arched Cabin tiny house build!  Arched Cabins was invited to display a tiny house and speak at an event for Earth Day in Houston. We have built small but comfortable Arched Cabins before, but this was a whole new challenge for us! For a few different reasons we chose our 12' wide Arched Cabin and built it 8' long. The picture to the side here shows the interior under construction. Working with only 96 square feet, we fit a shower, toilet, sleeping loft, kitchen, dining area, and an entertainment area in! We are planning to have it completely finished in the coming weeks with detailed pictures for your viewing pleasure! For the article covering the event click here!