Hi and thank you for visiting Arched Cabins! This section of our site will steadily be updated with our builds and new products we are offering our customers.

Another update on our email situation. Every time we leave town or another article comes out about our cabins we get bombarded with emails which is great! The downside to that, it is very time consuming to give each person the reply that they deserve. Please be patient as we work through them and I assure you we will get back with you as soon as we can.

          We are very close to releasing our distributor program details to all parties that are interested. If you are interested in a distributor program please give me another week or so and then I will have something to send out. We are currently interested in distributors that are contractors and can do the builds or have contractors that can build for them.

          Thank you for your continued support!


jim reno
12/14/2014 6:26pm

do you have 2bdr models available and how much,my wife and i are soon to retire we will by buying property in southern oregon,we really liked the gallery photos of the 24 x 32 but we need 2nd bdr for grand kids,lol,well thanks.

dottie m
12/14/2014 9:36pm

Jim -- hubby and I are also interested in putting an arched cabin or two on our "retirement land." From what I have seen, the configuration of the interior is completely up to you to layout and finish. Arched Cabins only sets up the shell and the end caps. The largest cabin available, from what I gathered before they updated the price list page, is 24 x 40. That's about the same size as a small double-wide mobile home - PLUS the soaring loft space, since the ridge pole is almost 19 feet in the air! I don't see any reason you can't have another bedroom in that much space.
I'm sure someone else will chime in, if this doesn't answer all of your questions...

Tina McCants
12/23/2014 1:41pm

I would like info on your distributor program.

Stacey Westbrook
12/27/2014 10:49pm

Info on distributor program please.I am in Mississippi.

12/28/2014 7:21pm

I like what I'm seeing in your product. I lived in a shipping container house in Africa for over 15 years and it holds some of our fondest memories. Please send me some dealer information when it is available.

RockitLady - North Texas
12/29/2014 12:43pm

Would like to know if this can be bigger maybe 45' x 30' and a larger ground foor, as have a very hard time with stairs..larger master on ground floor is a must with master bath, in tile. Husband will use upper for a music studio. How is it insulated for Texas heat in the summer time? I saw pictures of one with a room extention, but did not see any other info on that.. Also can you put stone on part of this structure? Where is the fire place?

01/01/2015 10:33am

I was thinking the same thing. How practicle would it be to put two together end-to-end? I would think there is something 'out there' that could seal it well from weather, rust, etc.? Even something that may need a touch-up seal every few years would be practical and not too costly either.

Glenda Young
01/01/2015 2:23am

Info on distributorship please.

Glenda Young
01/01/2015 2:32am

Are these cabins insurable? Also, is it possible to use the spray foam insulation? Are blueprints available for the interior of the 24x32 shown in your pictures? I just love it. Thank you.

DD Miller
01/05/2015 12:15am

T.T. Ogan
01/01/2015 7:00am

I would like your distribution information please. I am in Ohio. Thank You. Love it!

01/01/2015 3:49pm

builder in SE South Dakota. Would like info on distributor program for the Dakotas and putting a 14' on our land.

Mike M
01/02/2015 1:54pm

I would love some info regarding the distributor programs. I am a contractor in New England exploring a new niche to bring to the area. This type of structure is ideal for our 4 seasons. I like what I see.

Dawn Kelly
01/03/2015 5:58pm

If you get them Mike--- I would love to have one built!

02/05/2015 6:42pm


I am in Mass and if you do get them, I would love to sit down and discuss one!!!


02/09/2015 9:52am

Live in MA and thinking of downsizing. Would be interested in the arched cabin possibility - if adaptable to New England weather.

02/11/2015 6:05pm

I also live in Ma. and I am very interested in going tiny. These look remarkable. I would love to talk to anyone who is putting one up in Ma. Curious regarding building codes. I want to sell my home and am looking at options.
Sincerely, Natalie Crawford 413-967-9477 home phone. Also wondering about the cost. Seeing they sell she'll only, I wonder about finishing prices for flooring , kitchen loft options. As you can see many questions.

Karen F
02/10/2015 6:06am

Mike, I'm ready for one in New York State, north of Albany!!

06/06/2015 6:22pm

Hey Mike,

Please feel free to contact me 609-203-8104 . I and Thinking of building in Peabody, MA



Julie and Mike
09/22/2015 6:26pm

Mike, interested in Vermont if you get up and running!

01/03/2015 10:44am

I would like info on Distribution also!

Matt C. Filkins
01/03/2015 11:35am

Please contact me as it relates to becoming a distributor for the state of Michigan.

01/04/2015 2:25pm

Where in MI are you at? I have property in the eastern UP that needs a cabin on it.

Frances Stein
01/06/2015 6:57pm

Please let me know if you get set up as a distributor in MI. I am in Grand Rapids area and want 1, possibly 2 of these.

01/10/2015 10:21am

Let me know when I can buy one. I live in harrietta michigan

01/14/2015 10:41pm

We need one in St. ignace so please let me know if you get rolling in Michigan.

02/13/2015 7:15pm

My husband and I have property in Gladwin, and want to put up a cabin. Let me know if your distributorship works out.

Donna Flatt
01/03/2015 6:49pm

I would like info on Distribution in Tennessee.

02/14/2015 1:45pm

If you start distributing in TN, please contact me. I want one of these.

Andy Thies
01/03/2015 10:08pm

I would like distributor information please.

01/04/2015 9:05am

Could i get more info on these cabins? Shipping out to Massachusetts?

02/05/2015 6:44pm

I am also in Mass and would love more information on them please!

02/05/2015 6:44pm

I am also in Mass and would love more information on them. please!

Jared Bahr
01/04/2015 9:54am

I am interested in your distributor program once information is available. Thank you.

Vince Boothe
01/04/2015 11:45am

Please send info on dealership. I have 45 year old construction company in south Alabama.

01/31/2015 11:31am

I'd love to know if you get a distributorship in Alabama. We'd love to have one or more of these on our retirement property.

Candis Guest
01/05/2015 11:03am

I'm interested in distributor information.

Patty O
01/05/2015 11:28am

I would like information on dealership for both Colorado and California.

gil bell
01/05/2015 6:52pm

i would like info on dealership for Mi. thank you gil

01/05/2015 11:15pm

Interested in distributer info. Live in Massachusetts and Texas. Thank you

01/06/2015 12:44am

Interested in distrubutorship for Oregon. I would like info please :-)

dottie m
01/06/2015 1:26pm

I am also waiting for distributor information. I'm in upstate NY (in "Amish country") and have already sent an email requesting info when you get the package prepared.
I thought I'd also post here - it is interesting to see where these requests are coming from!

01/09/2015 3:39pm

Me and my boyfriend are planning on moving to Colorado within a year or two and I am looking to see the price of a 24 by 40 arched cabin that can have a loft for a bedroom built. Please and thank you!

01/09/2015 8:05pm

I interested in distributor info i'm in the Raleigh North Carolina area

01/09/2015 10:52pm

I'm interested in a distributorship. Thank you

01/10/2015 12:35am

You are the answer to my dreams! I am retiring in the near future and cleaning out my possessions and collections to live in a much smaller space...keeping a 3000 sf house presentable is getting old, and I have out of town rental property that I would sell to be in something more satisfying. All I want and need are in the homes you build, to live in one and as my retirement occupation, and these homes are the first interest I have come across in way of business. Thank you! Interest in any info you may have. Thanks!

01/10/2015 12:39am

Coincidentally, I had just finished looking at available r.e. online here in Houston suburbs and Heights area. Nothing caught my interest till I happened onto your website! Thanks!

Betty Whitehead
01/11/2015 10:11am

I am very interested. My daughter is looking for mother in law quarters. They have just purchased a home and the property has plenty of room for this in the rear of her property. She lives on the edge of Cypress, Texas. No deed restrictions and this would compliment her home

01/11/2015 4:41pm

Please send me distributorship info. for Louisiana. Thx.

Marva D
01/11/2015 11:00pm

I am interested in Distributor information for Oklahoma and Colorado. We have a construction and floor company and would like to add this product, love it! Also would like to put cabin on mountain property! Thank you

Joseph Jaume
01/12/2015 9:02am

Please send me distributorship info. I reside in Orange Texas. This area is in need of these affordable homes.

Gigi Wyatt
01/13/2015 12:53am

My husband and I would like information on becoming a distributor of these great cabins. We live in the beautiful western NC mountains near Asheville. Thank you.

Justin Freeman
01/15/2015 1:21pm

I like the look and easy setup, could I get the distributorship as well. Thanks for your time and good luck.

Donna W
01/18/2015 5:07pm

I would like information on these cabins for living in in the Bull Mountains in Montana. Thank you very much, Donna W.

Steve Hess
03/28/2015 7:12pm

We are the new distributors for Montana. We are located in the Billings area and would be glad to talk to you about your project. Please e-mail us at archedcabinsmt@outlook.com

01/20/2015 8:13pm

Curious if these can be built on pre existing foundations it is a block foundation that a 2000 sq ft modular is on

Tish Selle
01/21/2015 3:59pm

I am interested in distributor information. I live in Illinois.

Dean Gerard
01/21/2015 7:29pm

I am interested in a dealership, I'm in western Pa.

Joe Hazen
01/22/2015 4:28pm

I am interested in a distributorship for Idaho. Thank you!

01/24/2015 6:18pm

Hi! I'm interested in distributors in Texas. I was just curious the 24x40 can it be made into a two bedroom, two bathroom? I'm single
but prefer the room if its possible. My sister has an apartment with
two bedrooms & one bathroom, its no fun when two people have to go at the same tome. LOL

Donna Hubscher
01/30/2015 8:50pm

Hi Dave and Joshua, When is a good time for us to meet with you? As discussed before we are ready to move forward: we have acquired the land on which Arched Cabin models will be built; we have the necessary ready capital to create a great presence in the Houston market; we have (presently stored on our property in a steel container) the construction equipment and tools necessary to build Arched Cabins; we have Mr. Martin Gonzales is on our team: Martin has been a hands on contractor with extensive experience and trade contacts in the Houston area. Please let me know of the earliest opportunity for us to meet with you. Thank you, Donna Hubscher 561.329.6086

Kim Flewelling
02/05/2015 11:46am

We are very interested in getting one of these , 24 x 40 with the loft, can you email me any info I may need...like for example shipping costs?
thank you so much

Kim Flewelling
02/05/2015 11:48am

Im sorry I forgot to mention that we will be in Vermont

Thanks again

Craig Hood
02/05/2015 7:15pm

I am interested in a distributorship in Phx. Arizona area. Thank you

Gwynne D'Amico
02/06/2015 6:44am

I am very interested in your Arched Cabins! The price list is a bit complicated, can you give me an average total cost of one of your cabins, either 20' or 24'? Is there anywhere in the Southeastern PA, New Jersey or north Delaware area where I might be able to physically see what one of these cabins is like? Thank you!

02/06/2015 8:43am

i would be interested in distribution info also.....in KY

David Pree please omit the last name until
02/07/2015 5:13pm

Would very much like to see distributer papers I am looking at Alaska. David

Mike Anderson
02/07/2015 6:21pm

I would be interested in distributor information for the Binghamton, NY area.

02/08/2015 1:35am

WOW !!! Interested in distributors in Mo. Thank you

karen Geporge
02/08/2015 8:19am

I am interested in distribution for Florida Keys.

Dave & Dawn
02/08/2015 4:49pm

Great concept! We are interested in reviewing a Distributorship Agreement for South Carolina as well as Indiana. We are also looking to downsize and will buy or build depending on options - this option is "Striking", and meets all our needs from a business and personal level.

02/09/2015 1:41am

could i please have some information sent to me im on messager thank you

Ellen Elsner
02/10/2015 7:20am

Hi! Would like more info
On purchasing

Gary Chandler
02/10/2015 8:28pm

Good day and great product!
My son and I would be very interested in a distributorship for Ontario, Canada. Please contact us for further possibilities.

Thank you.

02/12/2015 12:49pm

Do you know if its legal to live in one of these arched cabins in South Florida?

02/12/2015 4:57pm

Very interested in distributorship, NE Ohio

Charles fowler
02/15/2015 9:30pm

I would love to be a distributor in North Alabama and Upstate South Carolina...

Karen Joseph
02/16/2015 2:44pm

You people NEED to be on Pinterest. There are many, many pinners interested in the "new" tiny home movement. I have been trying to figure out how to get your product pinned to my board, but have come to conclusion (rightfully so) that you have to initiate it. I would love to spread the news of your beautiful alternative to conventional building. It's quicker and easier for those with little home building skill. In the meantime, I will do what I can to spread the word!

yvette camacho
02/27/2015 7:19am

Have you built in Florida?

Kenneth Quick
03/01/2015 3:56pm

The pricing is cumbersome to calculate, (suggest sq foot of floor area and per ICC lofts are part of 1st floor sq ft) people are speaking to larger sizes than posted in the matrix, also mentioned lofts that your lititure says are not available in widths over 16 feet. Are the arcs made of wood for drilling (limits of penetration for studs 2x4, 2x6?) limits of hole size for electric, plumbing, venting etc. How does this work in the real world for utilities, additional wall insulation and installing interior walls. Looking for one in S W Washington State. Lots more questions but that would be a phone call I am sure.

Thank you,


03/10/2015 6:53pm

I don't see any answers to any of these posted questions from anyone from Arched Cabins. Makes me wonder how seriously they take this website.

Robin Goucher
03/14/2015 3:53pm

Living in Spokane WA........plz send me information on shipping 12 out here and distributor information please!

Steve Hess
03/28/2015 7:21pm

Robin, We are the new distributors for Montana. We would be glad to work with you as I believe we are the closest distributors to you. We are located in the Billings area and will be shipping several up here in the next few months. Could possibly ship multiples on the trucks. our contact info is: archedcabinsmt@outlook.com and 406.647.0755
Steve & Mark

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