Arched Cabins was featured on KHOU Channel 11 news at 10pm on Friday and 8am on Saturday. The feature was created by Marcelino Benito of KHOU and he did a great job! Let us know what you guys think. The article can be found here (Arched Cabins on KHOU)


Lani Mitchell
01/10/2015 7:46pm

I loved the feature he did on Arced Cabins. They are beautiful homes! I would like to tour one.

01/10/2015 9:43pm

We qould love a youtube link to a inside tour of the houses

01/11/2015 7:40pm

Love the idea behind these houses. Do you have a brochure with available floor plans?

Myers Gray
01/14/2015 8:19am

Thank you for updating the price list page. That's perfect!

01/14/2015 9:07am

Any floor plans or brochures for these cabins?

01/14/2015 11:35am

We have a YouTube channel now and we will be adding videos as we put them together. We will be adding example pricing and can also add some example floor plans soon. We are not sending out brochures at this time as we are trying to keep all of our information easily available to you on the web. Thanks for following!

Betsy Barmore
02/07/2015 4:44pm

Do you have any brochures with floor plans? What are the sizes of the Arched Cabins in the pictures (inside photos)

04/02/2015 11:48pm

I have built a bow roof shed which is the same as these using wood for ribs every 4 ft.... We had 4 ft of snow on it and had winds up to 60 +mph building still standing after 18 years.. Its is 16 x28. Love the design and plan to build a few more.

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