I know many of you are very interested in Arched Cabins as we are constantly taking phone calls and responding to emails. We had our preliminary distributor agreement we were sending out 2 weeks ago which has now been modified and is a complete 4 part application packet. For all distributor inquiries please email us at
archedcabinsdistributorships@gmail.com . You will then receive an application packet which is to be filled out and returned. Thanks and we look forward to working with yall!



02/10/2015 5:31pm

Do you deliver in Pennsylvania?

Pam Fuessel
02/11/2015 7:17am

From reading the comments it can be delivered anywhere in the US. The rates posted on here are $2/mi for 14-16' plans and $2.50/mi for 20-24' plans. Although from working in the trucking industry, I would budget $2.50/mi to be safe. :)

03/04/2015 12:55am

Is there a distributer closer to Washington state as for the mileage paying 2.50 from Texas would cost to much. That is the only thing keeping me from making an order.

Steve Hess
03/28/2015 6:41pm

Leona, We will be shipping a number of arched cabins to Billings in the next few months. If you are interested in buying an Arched cabin, we could maybe ship with some of ours and get it to Billings for less cost than shipping by itself.

Charles V. Michaels
02/12/2015 12:40am

interested in more information. Live in Ak. And building a cabin on 16 remote acres. 907 545 5860...

Deborah Ashby
02/12/2015 6:24am

Do you have any testimonals from actual owners? Can Sky Lights be installed on the top Sides of the roof above the loft? If so what would the cost be of a ...say 2 x 6 ft for example.

Michael Tapp
02/17/2015 8:15pm

Skylights are not an option at this point. I am the Ohio distributor of cabins. Email or call us if you have questions.

Cynthia Larson
02/12/2015 7:31pm

I am insrested do you have a pamphlets of your products

02/13/2015 9:51am

website is currently a place holder for my Wider Horizons domain. It can be fleshed out rather quickly.

Also, it seems most difficult to get information from you regarding distributorship. We want to build right away and plan to come to your location in New Mexico this weekend.

806 674-7110

Michael Tapp
02/17/2015 8:14pm

Harry don't waste your time going to New Mexico to see a cabin. The owner is in Texas right now building cabins. I know. I am the dealer listed. We are going to Texas later this week to meet meet with him. Call him first.

Gwen and Matt H
02/13/2015 2:39pm

We are interested in finding out about becoming a distributor. We live in Raleigh and would like to build one of a few blocks from the ocean and inlets.

Jack Backen
02/17/2015 10:01am

I am very interested in distributorship. Located in NW Montana. When I clicked on the Distributorship Application link it just brought me to this comment page. If there is a application file please send to my email. Thank you
Jack Backen

T. Williams
02/18/2015 8:48am

Interested in Distributorship info. Hampstead, MD. Thanks.

02/19/2015 12:22pm

Interested in the possibility of a dealership here in western Penna.

03/05/2015 3:58pm

Interested in the possibilities of a becoming a distributer

Jerry Davis
05/17/2015 12:33pm

Distributor for out of county.

RJ Di Nitto
10/15/2015 9:37pm

Interested in Distributorship info in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire . Thanks.

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