We are happy to announce that we have released our first video on YouTube! The video documents the build process of a 14' x 20' Arched Cabin built on a skid pack to allow freedom to move that cabin later. Click here to watch the video or navigate to our Gallery tab and select Videos. We are in the process of updating our website so things will be moved around a little bit as we update. We have added a Media section to post different stories that have been done on Arched Cabins. We hope you enjoy the new content and updates! Look for more coming in the next few weeks! Feel free to leave us feedback on these changes and thank you for all of your support!



02/16/2015 9:16am

I would love to learn more

Robert Hall
02/16/2015 1:21pm

Please send me as much info. on these as is available. Thanks, Bob Hall

David Bridges
02/16/2015 4:45pm

Great concept would like to see more,,might work well on my river lot.It would have to be to code,,would like to see inside floor plans

Steve Hess
03/29/2015 2:36pm

You can finish the inside to almost any layout you want. Google floor plans for whatever size you are thinking about. You should have more than enough plans to choose from.

02/16/2015 6:39pm

I am really disappointed in your website. I expected to at least see a picture, inside and outside of a completed building. The only completed building shown is from an article you put on your site and to be honest, it does not look as if the average person could afford it. How can you expect a customer to make heads or tails of your a price list without a clue as to what the building looks like ?
It appears to be a good idea, but without the needed information it is hard to know for sure. All you need are simple photos of your work
at the different built stages showing and explaining the different options.
While you have every right to be proud of the cabin in the news article, it is beautiful, I doubt the majority of people interested in these cabins intend to invest that amount of money in one.

Michael Tapp
02/17/2015 10:10am

Cyndy.....Not sure how you didn't see the pictures in the Gallery section of the website. Plenty of them. The price list is a bit confusing but we are working on making it easier to understand.
Please go to www.archedcabins.com and look for the Gallery tab in the center. If you have questions feel free to email us at archedcabinsohio@yahoo.com

02/20/2015 8:50am

I was not able to pull up any pictures of your product as well. You have an article, and a video but no finished product photos. I agree also that your price list is confusing, not sure what's requires or not, recommended or not, whats otional. Neat idea, and am interested, but need more info to see if it would be cost efficient for me.

Charles Tapp
02/16/2015 9:18pm

I have seen plenty of pictures of finished cabins and cabins in progress.Looking forward to building these with Michael E. Tapp.

Elizabeth B. Delorey
02/17/2015 2:43pm

Would like proposed floor plans. I also only saw prices for 14x up to 24 do I use those prices for a 20x24? Or larger?
How does a skid work? Am I constrained as to width for a skid structure? How do you anchor to ground? Are there hurricane straps if you live someplace on the east coast? I have never built anything before so if my questions don't go far enough please feel free to fill in with any info that you seen necessary or that in my innocence have neglected to ask.

03/01/2015 5:31pm

I would love to see more pictures and videos of the different sizes of houses. Also, I would like to know more info about how you deal with water/sewage and electricity, etc. I really like the idea of it!

03/02/2015 4:28pm

I'd like to see more about water/sewage, insulation, etc as well. I've been considering purchasing one of their 24' x 32' kits but you end up with a lot of questions in your mind. Such as the exact size of the platform needed to build upon. I'd be building my own platform exactly as shown on the 24x32 model.

03/01/2015 5:36pm

I would like to see a video tour of the different cabins!

Mary lemoine
03/10/2015 11:01pm

I am interested in a retirement home. Open floor plan, like 30x30. Only walls for bath, utility and closets. All else open. I'll be using a Murphy bed. Also need warranty info, exterior material and maintenence .

03/15/2015 7:07pm

After seeing the video it only serves to raise even more questions, answers don't seem to be readily available. My request for details is about two months old at this point.

Steve Hess
03/29/2015 2:45pm

We are the new distributors for Montana. We don't know all the answers, but understand the concept. These are kits. You select the size from the matrix and use the matrix guideline for approximate exterior buildout prices and freight to your location. You can finish the inside any way you want. If you are close to a distributor who has a crew, you may have them build and finish it for you. Otherwise, you may build and finish it yourself or have a local contractor build it for you.
If you have specific questions, we would be glad to try to get answers for you.

03/15/2015 7:31pm

Yes, the website is definitely lacking in certain info. I'd also like to know if I could get an upgrade to thicker outer wall beams. I'd like to have 6" of insulation in my walls here in Illinois. They're only hurting themselves so far. No answers to questions equals far less people buying these cabins.

03/16/2015 10:21pm

I dont see any pic of the inside? I have looked at every pull down menu and then some. also on you tube, nothing.

Steve Hess
03/29/2015 2:32pm

Go to the gallery and click on Gallery. Don't click on the drop downs of media or video. You should see lots of pics of a finished Arched Cabin.
Each cabin can be finished inside to whatever you want. Fancy or casual, whatever your goal. If you have questions, e-mail us. We are the distributors for Montana.

11/14/2015 6:08pm

Has anyone used spray foam insulation in these buildings? Looks they would be ideal for each other.


Arched Cabins
11/17/2015 2:37pm

Hi Maxine! We have recently started recommending spray foam insulation in our Arched Cabins, particularly for our clients that want to install their cabin in a northern state where the insulation requirements are high. We believe they are ideal for each other too!

12/21/2016 5:23pm

I'm with Mike! it'd be awesome to see a video tour

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