We are super excited to share what we already knew with you all! As we have stated in the past, we didn't have engineering numbers for wind and snow loads, but real world results told us that our Arched Cabins are very strong and durable structures. Now confirmed with preliminary numbers through an engineering firm, our 14' x 20' Arched Cabin passed tests comfortably with a 30psf roof snow load and 150mph wind speeds, meeting the 2012 International Building codes for structures. These results should meet standards for most states and areas! Thanks again for following us, good things are coming!

PS - If your state or country has stricter standards and regulations than meeting the 2012 International Building codes for structures, we have the option of running additional engineering tests for an additional cost. Contact us for more information!


Valerie Sklarevsky
02/19/2015 7:22pm

very interested. Would you come to Northern Ca. and do a demonstration putting one up?

Have you every put on on wheels?

Donna Hubscher
02/26/2015 4:44pm

Congratulations....this is fantastic...

Rosa Mangold
02/26/2015 4:55pm

Are you planning on getting other distributors in the area of Pa, or near by?

03/09/2015 1:47pm

I work closeby. Do you have models up that I can come look at?

04/20/2015 9:22pm

So bummed. I live in central Mass and our snow rating is apparently 50 psf.

05/03/2015 12:17am

Do not be bummed my friend. The pitch of the roof does not allow for 50 psf of snow to stay on the roof! The pitch is more than 4;12 right? yes it is. It is the steep angle that only allows 30 psf and that will slide off too. And the high wind rating shows how strong the package is. Seriously.

Arched Cabins
01/05/2016 5:05pm

Hi Carla! We're happy to say uur Arched Cabins pass testing for 50 psf ground snow loads!

05/17/2015 5:51pm

I am considering the larger building... I live in Southern Missouri and very concerned about our weather...tornado s specifically. We are in a high severe weather area. How do your larger builds hold up?

Stephen Boet
06/11/2015 7:56pm

Is there any way in which you could test it up to 50 psf? I know the angle is such that it is highly unlikely the roof will ever support that much but the residential building codes for my area say 42 psf, and I know there are others with similar hurdles to jump.

Arched Cabins
01/05/2016 5:04pm

Hi Stephen! Sorry for the late reply! Our cabins are tested and have passed ground snow loads of 50 psf and up to 150 mph wind speeds. Those ratings make our Arched Cabins buildable in most states!

Faye Rucket
12/27/2015 3:16pm

We own a lot in the Bat Cave area of NC As of right now their is no gravel road into our property We only want to use this as a weekend get away and are wondering if there is any other way of getting this building into our property without having a gravel road

Arched Cabins
01/05/2016 5:02pm

Hi Faye! We would be willing to discuss options with you if you'd like to email us at ArchedCabins@gmail.com. Thanks for reaching out!

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