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Tracy tesch
11/24/2015 9:53pm

have you ever thought about a more centralized distribution site. I would live to purchase one of these in the future. the shipping across the entire country would be considerable.

Arched Cabins
11/30/2015 11:52am

Hi Tracy! Thanks for your comment. We're a family owned and operated business, and right now we have our manufacturing operations headquartered in Texas because that's where we live! We try to offer options when it comes to shipping: our team can deliver an Arched Cabin kit to you, you can pick it up yourself from our manufacturing location with an appropriately-sized truck and trailer, or you can send someone to pick up an Arched Cabin kit on your behalf as long as you arrange it with us ahead of time. I hope those options help! We'd love to be able to work with you.

01/27/2016 5:43am

Do you have a structure size for 8'5" wide by 26 or 28' long on wheels?

Arched Cabins
01/27/2016 3:11pm

Hi Carlene! We can build an Arched Cabin 8' wide and either 26' or 28' long on a trailer, yes. Or we can just manufacture the Arched Cabin kit for you and you can mount it on a trailer!

01/27/2016 8:08pm

Really???? I am looking at tiny homes on wheels & I love the dome/gambrel roof shape....my trailer would be 8' 5" wide by 13' 5" high.....what kind of cost would this be?

Arched Cabins
01/29/2016 5:24pm

Send us an email Carlene and we'd be happy to send you a quote for an Arched Cabin on a trailer! We appreciate you reaching out!

Corey Martin
02/14/2016 2:14am

I really want more info on meeting r factors and snow load. r 38 and how to fir out walls to accommodate the two layer of insulation and information on running electrical. I wish info was available to get with building department. I would like plans that were stamped. also would like information on specific layouts that have been used with your cabins not generic searches of internet. Want to plan and move forward but not enough solid information. I do not want posted just want direction.

Arched Cabins
04/10/2017 11:05am

Hi Corey!

We recommend using spray foam insulation if you need to meet an insulation R factor higher than R25. We'd suggest you frame your interior walls, have plumbing and electrical run, and then have a spray foam contractor that's local to you come in.

We do work with an engineering firm that is able to stamp engineered drawings for your state so you can submit those to your permitting authority.

We have a few floor plans drawn up for Arched Cabins specifically that you can access via our Facebook page. If you'd like to contact us via email at ArchedCabins@gmail.com we'd be happy to speak with you further!

03/01/2016 2:47pm

Have any arched cabins been built in Arizona?

Arched Cabins
04/10/2017 11:06am

Hi Bob!

Yes, we have built an Arched Cabin north of Phoenix so far!

Barbara Miller
08/17/2016 11:45am

I'd really like to see a gallery of more photographs- some of the inside of different sizes- finished or not.
It would help with visualizing the finished product.

Arched Cabins
04/10/2017 11:08am

Hi Barbara!

We do post interior pictures from our clients on Facebook and Instagram when we receive them! If you can find us on either social media site you'll find more interior pictures there. Thanks for your interest!

Anthony Cadwell
02/12/2017 12:21pm

Looking for the Reply on Corey Martins post back from 2/14/16 of last year.
Thank you

Arched Cabins
04/10/2017 11:09am

Hi Tony!

We have replied above. We'd be happy to speak with you further via email if you'd like to send us one at ArchedCabins@gmail.com as well if you have more insulation or floor plan questions!

04/09/2017 10:39pm

I didn't see Price's and if I could ever afford one how to get it to Illinois. And do some area's come with property?

Arched Cabins
04/10/2017 11:26am

Hi Debbie!

We do deliver to Illinois and would be happy to send you a quote via email for the size of Arched Cabin you're interested in! You are responsible for purchasing property for the Arched Cabin to be built on and for the permitting process on that property as well! Our email address is ArchedCabins@gmail.com if you'd like to contact us!


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